Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moving' On Up!

Luke had ATA graduation tonight. He's now a purple belt. I know that means nothing to its people, but he's over half way to being a black belt! That represents a lot of hard work. We are so proud of him. He participated in his first tournament a couple weeks ago and now that he's moving higher in his belts, we will probably enter him in a few more tournaments. Here he is with Mr O'Conner. We LOVE Mr. O'Conner!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl(ing) ???

Our day consisted of all kinds of bowling today. :) On our way home from church, Emma piped up from the back seat and said, "Momma, I don't want anyone to help me bowl." Pretty random comment, and all of a sudden I yelled, "Oh my gosh! Micah's party!"

We were invited a couple weeks ago to a Super Bowl party at some friends house. We've been planning on what to take and needing to go to the grocery store and I'd totally forgotten our friends' son's birthday party at the bowling alley. 

What threw me was Emma saying, "Micah's party??" She didn't know Micah's party was today and that we were going bowling. Which confused me with regards to the bowling comment. ??? 

The kids had a blast at the party and all of them asked to go bowling again. Love the blurry action shots! Ha! And Emma's form was amazing!!!

After the party, we ran to the grocery store to grab supplies for the Super Bowl Party we were invited to. We made our snacks and were on our way to the party. That's when Emma's bowling comment from earlier in the day made sense. I heard Luke say, "Emma, we're not going bowling again." And she very loudly and sternly said, "We are too, Luke! We are going to the Super Bowl party!" Hahahaha! Bless her heart. She had no frame of reference for a Super Bowl party! :) LOVE that girl!

Here are some highlights from the Super Bowl party...

Luke had the quote of the night. As Beyonce came on for the halftime show..."I don't get stuff like this." Ha! Bless his heart. So proud of him. 

Some friends of ours have adopted a sweet baby boy. His name is Parke Henry. He was born with several severe heart defects and wasn't expected to live but a few hours after birth. He is on day 24! Each day is a miracle and his Momma and Daddy (and the rest of us) are thankful for every day he has. You can read more about Parke on his Momma's blog here. Please be praying for sweet Parke and his family.

The girl's have prayed for Parke every. single. night. It has blessed this Momma's heart to see the love these girls have for this sweet boy they haven't been around much at all. They got to hold Parke for the first time tonight. So precious.

And the highlight of the night...

Lance's Mercy commercial was on during the Super Bowl! You should have heard up hoopin' and hollerin'! Haha!!!