Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Week in Review

This has been a crazy busy week! All of the end of the school year activities have begun. Plus, I'm finishing up all our adoption paper work!  Praise the Lord! It will be in translation within a couple weeks and after that in Haiti!!! Woo Hoo!!!

So here's what has gone on since last Tues. :)

One day old! So precious!

And upon further inspection, we learned that she is a he! Ha!

Our garden is growing great!

Hope lost her second tooth!

Can't have too many pics of the baby. :)

Little Miss upgraded bicycles! :)

Lance and I had a date night. It didn't start out great with me waiting for him in the doctor's lounge while he checked on patients...

...but ended up wonderful! Love my man!

We got a date night because the kids spent the night at Lance's parents. They got to feed a baby calf!

Yesterday, Mom showed up at our door and said, "Let's go to the park!" So we walked the beautiful Crystal Bridges trails.

Then Daddy met up with us for a picnic!
And today was Hope's last field trip. We had a blast!
Tomorrow is Luke's field trip. I'm going to be exhausted by the weekend. Yay for the fact we're going camping! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miracle of Life

We had a chicken get injured today. I was putting the kids to bed and Lance went out to the farm to check on it. He called me about 30 minutes later and these were his words..."Well, the vet was off on his dates a little." We have a pregnant mare and she was supposed to fowl in another month. Lance checked the horses after the chickens and he saw her laying down having the baby!

It was 8:30, the kids were in bed, and Luke is in testing week at school. OH WELL! There are more important things in life! :) I yelled for them to all get out of bed and run to the car. They had no idea what was going on. I realized that I had scared them and they thought something was wrong. I told them everything was fine, I had a surprise for them!

We raced out to the farm and when we got there the baby's front legs and muzzle were out. We were able to see her born! It was amazing! The kids were in awe. What an experience! They'll never forget this. I'm so happy we got to live that experience together as a family. :)

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! He is RISEN!
Easter weekend was a busy one for us and our church! We had the 2nd Annual Egg Drop on Saturday morning and 3800 people came!!!! Holy Hannah!

Then it was the girls' soccer first soccer games. In the rain. :( We made it through Hope's, but Sara's was called because of lightning. I got no pics because of the weather. We played Hope's in the rain the entire game!

Then four services at church Sunday (I sang in the choir for 3 of them) then lunch with the DeVorak family and after that on to Prairie Grove for dinner with the Faddises.

Baby Hattie's first Easter!

My daughter cracks me up!

On you mark...Get set...Go!

Luke got the prize egg!

Too much Easter fun for Poppa!

Checking out her stash!

Great memories were made. :) 

April Showers Bring...


We're giving a garden a go at the farm. Here's hoping! The kids are so excited. :)

Spring Break 2012

It's been 3 weeks since Spring Break, and I'm just now sitting down to blog it! Does that tell you what the past 3 weeks have been like for us??? :)

So, here's the pics to remember the week by.  And a couple thoughts...Emma really learned how to ride a bike! She could pedal it, but was slow and would get so frustrated. It only took a day of trying to keep up with the big kids and she was off! She was so proud of herself!

It was the best weather we've had for Spring Break the past 3 years! Two great weekends with a few days in the middle that were rainy. Oh. And don't forget the tornado! :)

Here are a FEW of the pics I took this week...