Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miracle of Life

We had a chicken get injured today. I was putting the kids to bed and Lance went out to the farm to check on it. He called me about 30 minutes later and these were his words..."Well, the vet was off on his dates a little." We have a pregnant mare and she was supposed to fowl in another month. Lance checked the horses after the chickens and he saw her laying down having the baby!

It was 8:30, the kids were in bed, and Luke is in testing week at school. OH WELL! There are more important things in life! :) I yelled for them to all get out of bed and run to the car. They had no idea what was going on. I realized that I had scared them and they thought something was wrong. I told them everything was fine, I had a surprise for them!

We raced out to the farm and when we got there the baby's front legs and muzzle were out. We were able to see her born! It was amazing! The kids were in awe. What an experience! They'll never forget this. I'm so happy we got to live that experience together as a family. :)

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