Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Hope has been working on a loose tooth for a couple weeks.  When she first came to me and told me she had one, I didn't believe her. :) Luke and Sara didn't lose any teeth until they were 6. And Hope just turned 5 in June. I didn't think there was anyway that her teeth were loose. But I was wrong! It sure enough was loose. The past couple of days, it's loosened up some more.

Lance tried to pull it this weekend, but it wouldn't let go. This afternoon, I tried, but couldn't get a good hold on it. She must have worked on it some more because when she showed it to me right before we left for church, it was ready to come out! I got some toilet paper, reached in and grabbed it, and gave a gentle tug.

I just stood up holding it in the toilet paper and smiled really big. She looked at me confused and then she put her tongue where the tooth had been. I wish I had video of her reaction! Her eyes lit up and she got so excited! (and the little booger bled!)

So the tooth fairy is making a stop at our house tonight. And I have a very excited 5 year old in my house!

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  1. It's funny how they lose teeth so differently. I have twins and my son lost so many teeth all at once that I accused him of buying them on the black market. My daughter thought she would NEVER lose her first tooth and we actually had to have a couple pulled this summer because they just would not come out and the permanent ones were already in.

    That's a sweet little snaggle-tooth smile!