Saturday, September 10, 2011

Caution: Hard Hat Area

Well, she did it again.  Emma has another emergency trip to her Daddy's office under her belt. :(

I helped host a baby shower for a friend this afternoon.  Mom and Dad were gracious enough to keep the kids for me for a few hours, because Lance also had a commitment. 

I picked the kids up after the shower and headed home to rest for about an hour before we all had to head to my sis in law's parent's house for my brother's grad school graduation party.

We hadn't been home for 30 minutes before it happened.  The girls were all playing in Hope and Sara's room. I heard a bang and Emma cry out.  I didn't jump at first. (any mom with more than 2 kids will feel me on that one!) But a split second later, I heard the scream. As I was jumping up to run to her, Sara came running to me yelling, "She's bleeding!"

I picked her up and she was holding her head. I took her into the bathroom to look at her and there it was.  An inch long gash about 1 inch below her hair line.  I freaked a little bit, because all that was going through my mind was the scar she was going to have. On her forehead. And she has curly hair. Which means, no bangs. :(

I know that is petty to be worried about. And I know that there are so many families out there dealing with real tragedies with their children. So I feel badly that I was thinking that, but I was.  I can't help it.

I called Lance and my parents and told them to come home and over immediately. Mom and Dad to the big kids to the party and Lance and I headed to his office with Emma.

It was not a fun experience to say the least. But we made it through it. She's feeling fine.  My nerves are shot and I'm a little emotional, but I'll be fine.  I'm just praying for minimal scarring.  Hoping it heals quickly.  But from now on, we're putting a hard hat on that girl!

By the way...For those keeping count, that's 3 head wounds this summer and 4 in the last year.  2 gluing wounds on her forehead, 7 staples in the back of her head, and now 7 stitches in her forehead.


  1. Makenna had an injury on her forehead last April -- fell on the concrete while running and landed on a rock. Ended up with a huge gash. I was worried about the same thing -- a scar. You can not tell she even had anything happen now, unless you look really close. :) However, the place below her chin when she had to have stitches like 5 months before the forehead incident, it did scar a little, but I think it's because of the location, and she was fighting with all of her might being held down in the ER! So there's hope for a no-scar look for Emma!!

  2. I'm telling you, our local ER didn't bother filing my oldest's chart. They just kept it up front so it would be handy the next time we came in.

    Bless her sweet head!

  3. Wow girl! I'm with you. That baby needs a hard hat.