Monday, January 23, 2012

Revamped and Ready to Go!

Have you missed me???? :) I have taken a somewhat life-imposed blogging hiatus. I hadn't planned on it, but life got extremely busy this fall. And I was starting to let my duties as a wife and mom fall to the wayside because of all the extra "stuff" I was attending to. The blog being a part of that. So I took a little time off. And I'm glad I did. :) I feel bad about not keeping up with our family and the kids, but I feel refreshed now. So I'm back to blogging again. And I'm happy about it.

The kids are at really fun ages right now. We're having some very fun times together just being a family. And I have made a point the past few months to focus on my family and let all the other "stuff" fall away. Let me say that I have not regretted it!

So in a very fast recap, here are the highlights from the past few months just so I'll remember them in the years to come :)

October - Arghhh! The Faddises were a band of pirates for Halloween. We went camping with our friends at Branson for Halloween and Mom and Poppa initiated their new camper!

November - Sara turned 7!!! Oh my word! We went and say Happy Feet 2 and she got another Build a Bear. Right before our family prayer on Thanksgiving, my mom asked everyone to say what they were thankful for. When it got to Emma, she announced "lipstick." Haha!

December - We introduced an "Elf on the Shelf" to our Christmas traditions in the Faddis Family. :) The kids LOVED "Jingle!" We had soooo much fun with him! Can't wait til he comes back next year. And more importantly...the biggest thing that happened in December was that my niece, Hattie Vella was born! She's a tiny little thing, but has added so much to our family!

And that brings us to January. The big news here??? We've started the home study for our adoption!!!! We are this much closer to getting our son! There have been lots of developments recently. Not any that I want to share on such a public forum yet, but things are moving along very well. We are so excited!

So there we are. All caught up! :) And I'm really looking forward to the daily/weekly recaps of our family again!


  1. I can't wait to see another little Faddis boy in all these pictures. Keep us posted on how things are going. What an exciting time for your family.

  2. Thanks Angie! You're prayers have meant so much through all of this. :)