Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Man From Snowy River

We went down to Lance's parents house this afternoon so Lance could help his dad get up cows to take to the sale barn. The kids and I went in the Suburban and Lance took the truck and horse trailer to stop at the vet on the way down to get 3 horses Coggins tested. (that's a test that has to be done on horses to make sure they aren't carrying a specific virus that can kill horses)

The kids and I got to his parents' before he did and his dad and some friends had already gotten most of the cows penned up and in the trailer. Lance pulled in right as his dad was pulling out with the first set of cows.

Then we had some problems. Some of the cows got out of the trailer and had to be rounded up. One of them went way back in the woods. Lance got Luke's horse out of our trailer and went to round her up.

And this ladies, is one of the reasons I married him...

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