Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mid Summer Night's Dream

We have had the mildest January this year! Last year at this time we'd had 2 feet of snow! So these mild temps of 50s to 60s have been crazy. The kids had their 100th day of school last Friday. Last year the 100th day fell on Valentine's Day, so we are way ahead of the game. I do like a little bit of snow every year (and the kids are asking for some), but I have to say that the above average temps have been nice. It was in the upper 50s today so when Lance got off work and the kids came home from school we loaded up and went to the farm.

Once I got over my migraine (bummer), I was able to have fun with everyone else. Daddy and Lance have been working hard on our barn this fall and winter. They have made some great progress...

I love this picture of the two of them.

The big kids played for over 2 hours all over the land. They made forts, had sword fights, talked to the chickens, and were able to just be kids. :) Emma has developed this "fear" of things lately. She's terrified of the horses and the neighbors dogs, so she stuck pretty close to me. But she had fun throwing rocks and hammering boards. It was fun to watch her.

We are supposed to get some heavy rains and flooding tonight, so Lance was concerned about the little ravine that runs through the farm. Another heavy rain will just wash out the ravine, so he wanted to dump so rocks in a low spot. We all spent about 45 minutes loading the tractor bucket with rocks. I think Lance made about 5 trips in the tractor. That's a LOT of rocks! Even Emma was picking up rocks and throwing them in the bucket. We all had so much fun! It's moments like those this afternoon in life that I don't want to take for granted. :)

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