Sunday, January 29, 2012

Missing Part of My Heart

We watched Oprah's special tonight where she interviewed Sean Penn at his J/P HRO camp in Haiti. My heart hurts tonight. I miss Haiti so much. It's been over a year since we've been there. And coming off of a year where Lance was there 3 times and me twice, going over a year not being there is hard.

Our adoption is progressing and it looks like we will be going down this spring. I CAN NOT wait. I felt it the second time we I landed in Haiti. I was reunited with the part of my heart that I had left there. I don't know that my heart will ever be whole again. When I'm home, part of it is in Haiti. But when I'm in Haiti, part of it is home with my kids.

When the Oprah special came on and we saw the poverty that is Haiti, I looked at Lance and said, "I miss that." Then I thought how strange that was. I miss something that looks like hell on earth. But I do. Haiti is a part of me.

Soon. That's what I keep telling myself. Soon I'll be there.


  1. Does your church still need Doctors to go help? I am praying to be able to go this year

  2. Beth, this year we are focusing on the adoption and finding our place in Haiti to minister. The ministry we worked with is no longer there. We are praying for God to show us His plan for us when we go down this spring. We will let you know when we take a group again! So glad you still want to go. :)