Thursday, December 23, 2010

All Aboard the Polar Express!

Tonight didn't turn out as planned, but we had a blast anyway! This year, Mom wanted to do something special for the kids, so she bought them tickets to the Polar Express! (really it's called Holiday Express at the railroad here in our area, but it sounds better to say Polar Express! ha!) She surprised the kids yesterday and told them about the fun that we were going to have tonight! As you know, we just watched the movie a couple nights ago, so the kids were pumped!
Now here's where things took a turn for the worse. Lance came home early today. He was home for a little while and then left to get some hay for the horses. On his way home, he started getting sick. And he didn't get any better. So bad, in fact, he couldn't go with us. And right at the same time, Mom called and Dad was sick with a low grade fever and he couldn't go. So I called my sis in law, Leah and asked her to go with us. (She was excited!) Then, right as we're about to walk out the door, Emma accidentally wet her pants. In her new Christmas pajamas and house shoes. She had gotten up from her nap and was in my room and was trying to make it across the house to the kids' bathroom and didn't make it. :( But after a quick run through WalMart for new Christmas pj's and house shoes ($8 total, thank you very much!) we were on our way!
Leah and me in WalMart in our pj's! You should have seen the looks! ha!
The train was the funnest thing! We picked up McDonald's and ate on the train. Then they served hot chocolate and cookies. Next, Santa came on the car and visited with every kid! It was awesome!

Love this pic of Mom and Emma!

So much fun! (& look at Luke's eyes! ha!)

The girls had so much fun!

Aunt Leah and Emma

Mom read a Christmas story to the kids

Me and Emma :)

My boy!

Aunt Leah and Luke

The conductor came by to punch every one's tickets! The kids thought this was one of the coolest parts of the night. :)
Luke had to inspect to see if he had punched a word on his ticket like in the movie! ha!

On our way back, the kids got to use a microphone and sing Christmas carols. It was late and dark and the rhythm of the train was about to put everyone to sleep, but this woke them up!

It was a GREAT night! The only thing better would have been if Daddy and Poppa could have been with us. :(

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