Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tis the Season

We got back from Haiti and hit the ground running. Our church had our Christmas concert the Saturday and Sunday that we got back. Luke and I were both in it. I missed all the rehearsals while we were in Haiti, so I was flying blind. I almost backed out, but I am so glad I didn't. It was so amazing and I love worshiping the Lord in song.
Then that Monday, Luke had a gingerbread decorating contest it Cub Scouts. We baked a 10 in gingerbread man and decorated him like Batman. Luke did it by himself! I just helped guide his hand when it wasn't steady with the decorator icing. I was so proud of him!
Bat - Gingerman :)
Then on Saturday, Luke and Sara had their piano recital. That morning, they had a practice run through at a local nursing home. It was so sweet. The residents loved it and it was so neat to expose my kids to that. I want to think of other ways that we as a family can minister at a nursing home at other times. The kids had fun doing it. Then that afternoon, our family, my Mom and Dad, and my brother and sis in law met at Wal Mart to shop for the Angel Tree program that our church sponsors. We split a family of 4 boys. We had the 7 year old twin brothers. It is something we do every year. We want our kids to grow up knowing that we have been blessed financially and that God has called us to share what He has given us. And that is what Christmas is all about. Showing His love. Then that night the kids had their formal recital. They did so good! I was so proud of them. They've been taking since Sept. They both are really enjoying it.
After the recital, Lance's parents, us, and my brother and sis in law all met went to Mom and Dad's and had a formal Christmas dinner. It's a family tradition that my Mom started years ago when Jeremy and I were both single. The girls REALLY enjoyed it. I HATE that I forgot to take any pics! Sara, Hope, and Emma were little ladies. It was so sweet!
Last Thursday, Sara had her first kindergarten program. The entire kindergarten class sang Christmas carols, then we went to the classroom and the kids gave us a present. An ornament that they had made for us. Sara was so proud. She has excelled in school this year. She loves it! She was worried because everyone kept saying, "see you next year" and she thought she wasn't going to be in her teacher's class anymore! I had to explain to her the difference between the calendar year and the school year. :)

My little snow bunny!
The weekend of the Christmas concert at church, we took a family picture for our Christmas card. After SEVERAL attempts, this is what we ended up with. Everyone looks good. (Except me. Are we ever pleased with ourselves in pictures?!?!)

My family. I am a blessed woman.

Yesterday was our annual Faddis Family Bake Night. :) Every year we bake goodies to give to our friends at Christmas. This year we made fudge, divinity, pumpkin bread, pumpkin-cranberry bread, and cranberry bread. It was a blast! Here's the funniest thing that happened all night. I had mixed the fudge and Lance swiped some out of the bowl before it hardened. He tasted it right at Emma walked into the kitchen. She looked at him, then at the brown stuff on his finger and asked, "What's that?" Lance didn't miss a beat and said, "poop." You should have seen her face! He extended his finger to her and said, "Do you want some?" She instantly started backing away and said, "NO!" We started laughing and he licked his finger again. Emma then pointed at him and said, "You eat poop!" bahahahaha! It took a little convincing to get her to believe it was chocolate! Oh my family. :)

Bake Night!

Then tonight it was Faddis Family Movie Night! A couple weeks ago, I bought a popcorn machine for our movie nights. We broke it in tonight! We watched Polar Express. It's become another Christmas tradition in our family. This was the first year that Hope really got into the movie. It was fun watching it through her eyes. And Emma sat still the whole movie. She's getting to the point that she will watch with the big kids.

Movie Night!

Everyone's ready for the movie!

We have a lot of more fun planned over the Christmas break. I am LOVING having my kids home and enjoying the season!

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