Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweetest Thing In the World

We had a productive day today. Lance and I both cleaned out our cars today. His truck is disgusting! He never cleans it, but we are taking it camping so it really needed it. He felt really good about it after it was done. His floorboard is rubber, so I was scrubbing it with a scrub brush and Hope and Sara came up and wanted to help clean Daddy's truck. It was cute. They were just scrubbing away.

Then it was my Tahoe's turn. It was nasty! Luke and Hope had destroyed the back seat. You couldn't see the floorboard. It took almost 2 hours to clean it all up. The good thing is; MAJOR milestone...Emma is facing forward now!!!! We ran some errands to get ready for the camping trip and she LOVED looking out the front window. She's technically 2 weeks away from turning 1, but she's 20 pounds so I went ahead and turned her. She was a happy girl.

After we ran our errands, we grabbed some dinner at Wendy's. Luke and Sara sat a table beside us, but Hope sat by her Daddy. While he was getting our drinks, Hope said, "I sit by my Daddy, Momma. I like to sit by Daddy. He's the best Daddy in the whole world." The sweetest thing in the world!

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  1. Don't you just love the sweet comments kids make about their Daddy's?!!