Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No More Thumbsucking in This House!

Of my 4 children, 2 have taken a paci, and 2 have sucked their thumbs. Luke never even attempted to put his thumb in his mouth. He took a paci in the hospital and when he was 1, we just had it at naptime and bedtime and then at 18 months, it was gone. Sara took a paci off and on for about 4 months. When she was mad, she would spit it out and suck her thumb, but when she turned 4 months it was bye bye paci. She loved her thumb. Hope never even took a paci. It was always the thumb. (The funniest thing is both girls sucked their right thumbs. Never their left thumbs. When we talked about it recently, Sara said as serious as she could be, "the other one doesn't taste as good." HA!) And finally Emma. She's always been a paci baby. I caught her sucking her thumb 2 times when she was a newborn, but once we found the paci she liked that's all she's done.

So when Sara was 3 1/2, I bought some of that clear finger nail polish that tastes like vomit. I'm not mean, I promise! It took 3 hours to break her! It was amazing! Everytime she put her thumb in her mouth, she cried for a drink or something to eat.

Today, it was Hope's turn. As she told her Daddy, "Momma put the bad finger nail polish on me." HAHA! But miracle of all miracles, it's worked again! All through the day, she would run to the kitchen and fill her glass with water from the fridge when she forgot and stuck her thumb in her mouth. Once, when I was walking past the kitchen, I looked in and she was standing at the counter drinking a glass of water. As I passed, she just looked at me and said, "sucked my thumb" and went back to drinking the water. I don't know why, but it struck me as hysterical!
She's very proud of herself. We've been bragging on her all day!

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