Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Computer Issues

OK, so Lance and I both got new laptops a couple weeks ago. We love them! The only problem is, they don't have a slot to put my SD card in to upload pictures. My old computer did. So it was very easy to blog, attach some pics and keep up. First I lost my camera for a week, now I can't find the adapter to put my SD card in. So I've been procrastinating blogging until I find it, but I haven't, so I guess it's off to Wal Mart tomorrow to get a new one so I can upload pics!

The most major thing is Emma's first birthday! I have a lot of pics. I don't want to forget the details. So I'll upload them tomorrow and devote an entire entry to her birthday. Plus I want to upload pics of our camping vacation. And I'm starting another blog page for my new business. I'll upload some pics to that also.

Just to catch us up to today, we've been busy with squaredance practice. It is this weekend, so that will slow down come Monday. And the girls start "school" (mother's day out) tomorrow. They are excited. And so am I! Woo Hoo! Emma is going too, so I will have 4 hours by myself to get errands run, have lunch with friends and clean house. I'm going to try to be much more disciplined with my MDO this year. I didn't get much house cleaning done last year!

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