Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grab your Partner and Dosie Do!

OK, so this will be a blog with the most pictures I've ever posted. This past weekend was the culmination of a very long month and a half of traveling to Prairie Grove 1 and 2 times a week for square dance practice. The Clothesline Fair and the square dance exhibition and competition. I was soooooo proud of my kids. Luke took it so seriously and did so good. Sara didn't freeze up and get embarrassed in front of the huge crowd. And Hope did every move she was supposed to do! She didn't miss a beat! I was one proud Momma! So here are some of the pics from the weekend. Two days of dancing. It was a long but wonderful weekend. When we were leaving Saturday night after watching the competition Sara said, "Momma, I'm sad." I asked her why and she said, "because square dance is over." They can't wait until next year!

swing your partner
Sara and her partner Wil

Ladies to the center and backs to the bar!

Sara and Wil

Hope and her partner, Cousin Evan

Sara, Evan and Hope



Luke and Cousin Clayton

Luke and his partner Tatum

Too cute for words!


  1. That looks like SO much fun!

    And I love the family pic at the top of your blog. SO good, Jennifer.

  2. What cute pictures and fun memories. James still remembers going to square dances with his grandparents.