Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oh my! That boy of mine!

OK, so I have no idea how to say this! Today we had a choir retreat at church. It was also Luke's first Upward Football Game. All the kids went with me to church and then Luke and I left to go to his game and Lance met me there, watched the game and then took Luke home with him. So, Luke and I were headed to the game and he started playing his gameboy in the back of the car. He never looked up from the game when this came out of his mouth..."Momma, Amanda makes me feel tingly inside." I about hit my brakes! I asked him where he'd heard that, and he said, "Nowhere, I just thought it." Then he said, "We like the same things. She likes books, I like books. She likes games, I like games. She likes candy, I like candy." It was hysterical!!!! Gotta love that boy!

Ready to go!

Checking plays on his wrist!

Making sure Momma and Daddy see him!

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  1. Ok that is hilarious!!!! I think I would have wrecked the car!