Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the time go?

Wow. I can't even begin to make up for not blogging for two weeks. We have done so much the past two weeks. Two weeks ago we went on the best camping trip ever! We left first thing Tuesday morning and stayed until Sunday. Our friends the Maiers came for a couple nights and we had a blast! I can't find my camera right now, but when I find it I have tons of pictures. One of my favorite memories will always be of the kids doing the Jr. Ranger program. Luke was INTENT on finishing the program in one day. It was so cute when they went to the ranger station the next morning to turn in their booklets, they had a swearing in ceremony! It was adorable. They got badges, patches, and a certificate. They were all so proud. They had the great idea to put WalMart bags on their bicycles on drive through the campground picking up trash for the service project they had to do. I was proud of them.

Luke started school last week. I have a second grader! How in the world?!?! He's loving it so far. He hasn't complained once about getting up in the morning for school. He really likes his teacher and I am looking forward to a great year.

Since we've been back, I've started a home business. YIKES! It's been brewing for a few weeks now, but I "launched" it this past week. I'm making custom vinyl decals for cars, walls, sippy cups, stick figure families, you name it. I've always loved vinyl decals, and then the opportunity to start this business fell into my lap. I am supplying a boutique in town with Greek letters and alphabet letters to apply to water bottles, sippy cups, whatever. I got the order Monday, couldn't get my vinyl til Wednesday and the order was for over 5000 Greek letters! Holy Cow!!! I couldn't get enough vinyl to fill the order, but I did make 3400 letters. My Mom and Dad and brother and SIL all helped me pull it off in 2 days. We joked that our dining room was my sweat shop! HA!

I'm really going to enjoy doing this because it is something that I can do at naptime and after the kids are in bed and it won't take me away from my family. And I will be able to pay for our family vacations and some blow money. It's fun!

So now, after I get the pictures uploaded, I'll be caught up for the most part on our lives.

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