Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nothing Like Celebrating 2 Times!

Sara doesn't turn 5 until the 24th, but because my parents live here now and we don't have to combine her party with Thanksgiving anymore, we celebrated today! She's never had a whole lot of friends at her party because they've been out of town for the holidays. And what a party it was today!

But first, the day started with Momma/Daughter pedicures! I've been promising her a pedicure since this summer, but we were never able to get it done. So today was the day. And we LOVED it!

Girls at their best!

Then Daddy met up with us and we gave the Birthday Girl her big 5th birthday present. Ear Piercing! We handed her a box with a set of pierced earrings. Her mouth dropped open and she looked at me and said, "Are those pierced?" (with her cute little, can't say r's just right accent!) I said yes and that she was going to get her ears pierced and she automatically put her hands to her mouth and said "I'm scared." So after we got to the store and 15 minutes later, this is how she looked...

It took about 30 minutes of total persuasion and piercing time. She wanted them so badly, but was so scared at the same time!

Finally! Pierced ears!

Then it was on to Build a Bear. She's been wanting another one since Hope has two and today was her day. She got a Hello Kitty and when she got to pick the sound to go in it, she didn't let me down. Her's says, "Hey Girlfriend!" haha!

My mini me!
Then it was party time! I've been planning her party for 6 months! I want to do something big for all the kids 5th birthdays. Luke had a party at Pump It Up and got a horse. (kinda hard to top that!) But getting your ears pierced kinda ranks up there! And we had a huge Luau. I bought all the decorations and supplies in June and have been waiting. :) There was a great turnout of all her friends, and everyone had so much fun. When do you get to swim in November?!

Her flipflop cake

Party Time!

My sweet, sweet Sara. So unlike me in so many ways, but so like me in so many others. I can't believe she is turning 5. Where has the time gone? I've gotten emotional some this week anticipating her party. My little girl is growing up. Once this week when I was fixing Luke's lunch it hit me that in a few months I'll be fixing hers for school, too. She'll be in Kindergarten next year and won't be around as much. It's a truly bittersweet feeling. She is becoming a big girl instead of a little girl. It's weird to enjoy her as a friend in so many ways. I love showing her new outfits I get, or new jewelry. I always get a "Oh, Momma. That's beautiful."
I praise the Lord for the blessing that she is.

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  1. Jennifer - I LOVE this! I can't wait for those days!!!!! She is so beautiful!!!! What an amazing birthday! Now what will Hope and Emma get at 5? ha!