Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well, our Halloween didn't turn out like we had planned. Our church started doing Trunk or Treat last year and it was a huge success. We were planning on working a booth with our Sunday School class and spend a couple hours letting the kids get candy, play games and eat. We thought we were going to be able to go because Sara is better and so are Lance, Luke and I. But, last night Emma started running a fever and then Hope started one this morning. Arghhhh!!! We started them on Tamiflu so hopefully they will kick this by the time the weekend's over. But since they are both not feeling well, we just went to my parents', my brother and sis-in-law's and a few houses on their street. Luke and Sara went down our street when we got back while Lance passed out candy, but Hope and Emma stayed with him.

The kids had a blast. Emma LOVED it! I didn't think she would really care, but she loved holding out her bucket and having candy put in it. She would grin from ear to ear!

Sara loved it more than anyone I think. She kept running to houses, saying "Halloween is fun!"

I think Luke had as much fun giving out candy at our house as he did getting the candy! He's my little social bug!

And poor Hope. She was so cold, she just wanted to be held. She would walk up to the houses, but then want to be carried to the next house. She was a tired princess. But so darn cute!

Aurora, Snow White, a cowboy and Dr. Faddis :)

OK, so Lance got me in a tizzy. We were herding kids to the garage. I was coming from the living room and he fell in behind me from our bedroom. I turned around, took one look at him and said, "What are you doing?!?!" He was all decked out in old timey western wear. He responded, "dressing up." I looked at him and just freaked! I ran into our room; grabbed some of his scrubs and old lab coat; found his stethoscope; and presto chango! Dr. Faddis!

at Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Leah's house (that's Luke Skywalker!)
trick or treating Mom and Poppa

Cinderella and her cowboy!


  1. I love that Lance dressed up. What a fun memory for your kids!

  2. Hello!
    You don't know me and your husband may not remember me. He and I went to OBU together--Dana Anders is my maiden name. He was such a sweet guy--it is neat to see what he is up to. Your family is beautiful!