Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the Dark

I am so convicted tonight. We had a storm system move through this evening. We lost power for about 2 hours. It was the best two hours. Lance and I talked about the fact that we should turn off the lights every night. Luke found glowsticks for himself and the girls. Emma was pitching a fit for one, so Lance found her one, too. It was sooooo cute, she started shaking hers like the big kids. She's turning into a little girl so fast! She wants to do what the big kids are doing.
Then we place I spy shapes in the living room. I was really proud of the kids. They were finding squares, circles, rectangles and triangles all in our house.
I had started some brownies in the oven before the power went out. They didn't quite get done, so we had some brownie goo by flashlight in the kitchen. The kids loved it.
Then we made animal shapes in the flashlight on the wall. Sara was loving making duck faces and Lance made a giant dog that ate her duck! Hope was mesmerized by her shadows. She thought her hands were the coolest! And Luke put on a super hero performance in shadow!
Right before bedtime, we all laid on the floor and talked. It was sooooooo much fun. Why do we have to wait for the power to go out to do this?! We truly enjoyed our kids and had great family time. It's something the kids and us will remember years later.
Then it was off to bed with the glowsticks. Everyone has a glowstick lighting up their room. Even though the power is back on!

with flash

without flash!

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  1. Jennifer - you are so right. As much as I LOVE TV and the internet ........sometimes I think we need to turn them all off and actually TALK! And what a fun memory of having no power. I bet your kids will remember that more than the time they were watching a movie or doing something normal!