Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm Baaack!

It has been a crazy couple weeks. I've started a home business and I have had so much business the past couple weeks that all of my spare time has been filling orders. I love it, and it has given me a great creative outlet, but I have been overwhelmed the past few weeks. I'm ready for the Christmas rush to die down. :)

We have had several memorable things happen the past 2 weeks. The most memorable of which was this...

We are so blessed. Words cannot describe the emotions while watching your child be baptized. And we were doubly blessed because our dear friend Mark Maier baptized Luke. Mark, Lance and I went to college together and he and his wife are some of our closest friends. He is the worship pastor at our church and was able to baptize Luke for us. It was such a special day.
It has been such a privilege to watch Luke grow in his faith already. To see the Holy Spirit speaking to my son is such a humbling experience. The Sunday afternoon that he was baptized, we went home after lunch at my parents, and were having rest time. Luke was in his room watching a movie on our portable DVD player. When Sara got up from rest time, she went to his room and wanted to watch it with him. He was being ugly and didn't want her to. So I told her to come in to the living room with me. In a couple minutes, Luke followed us and said, "Sara, you can come watch it with me." I looked at him and asked him, "What got into you?" His response? "The Holy Spirit." Just as serious as can be. It was so cute and so pure.
I checked his book bag yesterday after he got home from school for Christmas break. I found a folded piece of construction paper. On one side was Jesus on the Cross. Lance and I couldn't make out the other side. When I asked Luke what it was, he said it was Jesus on the cross and baby Jesus. (then I could make out a manger scene :) ) I asked him why he drew it and he said that his teacher told them to. I asked him, "Mrs. Powell told you to draw Jesus on the cross?" He said, "No, she told us to draw a Christmas picture."
PROUD MOMMA!!!! If only everyone understood Christmas like he does.
We are looking so forward to the next week. Luke is home for 2 weeks. I have sugar cookie dough, gingerbread dough, we're going to do our family Christmas baking tomorrow, and we're going to have several movie nights! Can't wait!!!

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