Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Final Day

How can I wrap up in words what I have experienced this week? My emotions are all warped right now. The love I have for the Haitian people is intense. Despite their conditions, most have smiles on their face. As we drive through the streets, these white Americans in the back of the truck, we wave at the children and adults and so many smile and wave back. Everyone in the back would throw tennis balls or candy to the kids and it was so cute watching the children run to the prizes.

We went to 2 different orphanages about 15 minutes from our house. I cannot begin to describe them. My heart is broken. No child in this world should ever have to live like that. No child.

The first orphanage was deplorable. It looked like a construction zone. Piles of gravel, scaffolding, raw sewage, open concrete staircases, and all the children playing on all of it. Children that are naked from the waist down and shoeless, walking around in filth, utter filth. I wouldn't even let any children walk around at this place, but these 20+ children live in it.

But the smiles. One little boy in particular was the sweetest thing. As a matter of fact, his nickname from the American teams is "Sweet Boy." He repeats everything you say. He came over to me and raised his arms and wanted me to hold him. I did and then I gave him a kiss. He immediately kissed me back. I said, "sweet boy" and he repeated me. It was priceless. Everyone got pictures of him giving me kisses. Then he touched my necklace and I said, "necklace." He repeated, "neckwace." I will never forget "Sweet Boy." I pray for him. And the others like him.

We went to the top of the mountain that our house is one to an overlook point. We were able to view the entire city of PAP. It was beautiful. Despite the destruction. We were able to buy some local mementos from the trip, also. I met LuLu their. He was selling his wares and I asked him his name in Creole. His face lit up. "You speak Creole?!?!" I told him, I had just learned a few phrases. He was so excited that I had. He spoke perfect English. He wanted me to remember him and I told him that I would be back to Haiti. At one point, he walked past me smoking a cigarette and I told him not to do that, that smoking was bad for him. He immediately threw it on the ground and stomped on it, and grinned. It was so sweet. I told him that I would come and find him the next time I am in Haiti. He came to me as we were leaving and gave me a seashell with a painted Haitian scene on it. He told me, "this is for you." Such amazing people.

Part of my heart will forever be in Haiti.

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  1. I love hearing about your trip. I hope more is coming. Thanks for sharing.