Monday, June 28, 2010

Sweet Emma

Emma is really developing her little personality. And her vocabulary is exploding! She is saying something new everyday! One of my favorite things she does is say "Tank You!" in the sweetest little sing song voice. I have to get it on video before she quits saying it! :) And she'll say it for any and all reasons. If I give her a sandwich at lunch: "Tank You!" If I change her diaper: "Tank You!" It's hysterical. She is at such a fun age.

She has really turned into a Momma's girl lately. But, she doesn't bat an eye when I leave the house. She just waves and grins big, "Bye!"

I wasn't happy at all with idea of having 4 kids, but I truly can't imagine my life without her. She is such a joy and a happy girl. (I almost wrote baby just then, but she's not a baby anymore. :( She is really turning into a little girl.)
A fun pic I took of her and her Daddy. Her personality shines through!

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