Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Funny Things They Say

OK, so this post needs to be prefaced with the knowledge of the fact that Hope doesn't care for chocolate. She's my daughter. I didn't like chocolate until after Luke was born. Which was really unfortunate considering my best friend's dad was a chocolate salesman while we were growing up and I had access to all the chocolate I wanted!

It's pretty funny with Hope. She will just not have dessert if it's chocolate and not care. Even if all the other kids are eating it.

I bought some smores ice cream sandwiches this week. One side is chocolate cookie, the other is vanilla. Then in the middle of the ice cream layer is a layer of chocolate syrup. Not too much chocolate, but definitely there. She ate one yesterday and liked it. Then I let them have one today after we went swimming.

While she was eating it, she announces, "I like chocolate." You do? Since when? "Saturday."


I was trying out a new photo app for my phone and she didn't want her picture taken! Goofy girl!

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