Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heaven IS a Good Place

My sweet little Hope. Today, I was working on a vinyl order in the dining room and Hope came in talking about Gigi. Now, we have GiGi and and Gigi. GiGi is Lance's mom and Gigi was my grandmother. She passed away 5 years ago. Hope never met her. But she talks about her a lot.
She came into the dining room talking about Gigi and how she wished she didn't die and how much she missed her. I told her that one day, we'll see Gigi in Heaven. That was evidently the wrong thing to say! Hope lost is crying. She didn't want to die. I was in damage control mode!
I reassured her that she wasn't going to die anytime soon. (I know it's not a promise I have any control over, but I needed to console my baby.) She was very, very upset. She was holding me and crying so hard. Luke got in on the conversation and told her that when we live in Heaven we'll be able to fly! That didn't impress her. Ha!

A good friend of mine told me an analogy once about dieing to tell to your kids. I got a glove and put it on her hand. I told her that her hand was Hope, and the glove was her body. I then explained that when we die, we go to Heaven, and our body stays here. Then I took the glove off and laid it down and she looked at her hand. Pretty great illustration, but she didn't want a new body!
Then she asked me if we were going to be angels. (Now keep in mind, she's bawling hysterically.) I told her no, we weren't going to be angels, that we would be above the angels. We would be the angels' bosses.
Are you ready for this???? With no tears: "I want to be somebody's boss." HAHAHAHAHA! Bless her little 3rd child heart! The key to being ok with dieing and going to Heaven is that she gets to be someone's boss!
Love her!!!

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  1. Sweet Girl!!! We have had those convesations, tears and all, that is a great analogy.