Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Wide

Today had the potential to be VERY stressful, but it was great! This is what it looks like when I take all FOUR kids to the dentist!...

We took up 4 of the 7 tables! Haha!

I have to admit that Luke has been to the dentist once in his life and the girls have never been. That's embarrassing I know. I took my mom with me. There is no way I could have managed all four by myself. Although, I'm PROUD to say that they did AMAZING!!! Hope was the one I was worried about. She doesn't do well in new situations and is nervous about new things. She was cautious and it was so cute, she wanted to know every single thing the assistant was going to do and wanted to see all the instruments and touch them. Then she laid down and loved it. She got to pick strawberry toothpaste. :)

Doesn't she look cute in the glasses?!

Sara giggled the entire cleaning! It was hysterical. It tickled! :)

Luke was in heaven because they had a TV on the ceiling playing "Tom & Jerry" :)
And here's the one I was most proud of! There wasn't enough dental assistants at first to get all the kids at once, so Emma had to wait a few minutes til someone else got there. Which was great because Mom held her and she got to watch the 3 big kids. When they were ready for her, she crawled up on the table, put on her own glasses and laid perfectly still! It was the cutest thing! The dentist said in 15 years of being a dentist, he's never had a child as young Emma just lay there and open her mouth. She was perfect!

Then we went to McDonald's for ice cream as a treat for being so good! HAHA!
And here's the other big thing happening in our house tonight...

Emma moved into a Big Girl bed tonight!
My mom went to a resale/closeout furniture store today and they had 2 of these cute little wooden, sleigh toddler beds. They wanted $39, but I told them I didn't need the mattress so they took $25! Score!
And I'm proud to say, she went right to sleep! I wondered how she'd do, but she loved her bed. :)

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