Thursday, July 15, 2010

Success and a Swim Meet

This is what nap time looks like now at the Faddis house!

Emma took right to her new bed! It was funny the first night. I checked on her about 10:30 and she was sound asleep against the wall. Then Hope got up to pee pee about 1:00 so I checked on Emma again. She was on the floor beside her bed sound asleep! I put her back in her bed. Then about 7:30, Luke came into our room and told Lance and I that he woke up and went to check on Emma and she was asleep on the floor. haha! But it only took that one night to get used to it. She hasn't been on the floor again. :)

And the second morning after she slept in her big girl bed, she woke up before anyone in the house. We heard a loud "Momma?" in the living room. I honestly thought it was Hope. Lance got up and as he was walking into the living room, I heard it again. Then I realized it was Emma. Bless her heart. She's NEVER gotten up before everyone else and bless her heart, I can't imagine what she thought when she walked through the house and didn't see anyone!

On a different note, tonight was Luke's first swim meet. He did soooo good! I was so proud of him! We might have found his sport! :) He only got to do one event because they had to call the meet because of lighting in the area. I got some video, but I'll get a picture at the next meet and post it.

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