Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fireflies and Fairies

My mom ran across an advertisement for the coolest thing last week and the botanical gardens in our area. Firefly Fling. They had live music, wood chip necklace making, cork boat making, fairy house making, all kinds of people dressed up like fairies walking around, face painting, and all kinds of other stuff.
It was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast! I told them yesterday that we had a big surprise for them tonight. It was something we'd never done. I hoped they would like it and wouldn't be disappointed. They weren't. :) Mom and Dad went with us and some great friends did, too.

It was a great night and we got to do something different and out of the ordinary!
Luke with his manly fairy house (no flowers!)
Emma with her cork boat (that she tore apart!)

Hope's fairy house complete with corn for the fairies to eat :)

Hope with her fairy house

Sara's fairy house with rose petal bed and flower pillow :)

Sara with her house

The whole family (bad pic, iPhone is all I had!)

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