Thursday, July 29, 2010


She is growing up so fast. It amazes me that just 2 months ago, we got back from Haiti and she had just started saying a few words while we were gone. Now, she won't stop talking! It's so cute! She wants to do everything the big kids do. Just today, we were in the car and the big kids all were yelling that they wanted a piece of gum. Then Emma piped in, "I do, too!" It was hysterical! Plain as day.

And when she's doing something and I have to get onto her, if she doesn't stop, I give her "the look" and she just grins and says, "sowwee Momma" Makes my heart smile!

We went to Chuck E Cheese's again today and that girl loves to run around with her sisters and play the games. Muh eee! Muh eee! (money/token) And when we're done and picking out prizes, she always wants candee!

She is such a happy little girl! Can't imagine my life without her!

Every bit as big as her sisters!

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