Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Brush With the Famous!

There is a huge consignment sale in our area twice a year. Fall and Spring. I always put items in and then shop the consignors early 1/2 price sale. This year, I totally missed the deadline to enter my items! And to be honest, I wasn't too upset about it. :) It was such a stressful week last week, that would have just added to my stress level and I didn't need it. BUT! Thankfully some friends were going tonight the the 1/2 price sale and one of my friends was unable to go so she gave me her ticket.

This is a glimpse of what it looks like!...

I don't even try to shop the regular sale. It's a mad house! And I'm not a picky shopper. I'm always able to find really cute things at the 1/2 price sale and I pay no more than $4 for anything. Last year they told me I spent more at the 1/2 sale than they've ever had. (I can thank my Mom for instilling the bargain shopper in me!)

I didn't need as many things this year. Hope can wear all of Sara's hand-me-downs from last year. Emma is good with both the bigger girls' hand-me-downs. And a good friend let me raid her boys' old clothes yesterday for Luke and I got a ton of clothes and shoes for him. (Thanks Leslie!) Here is all my stuff at the check out...

And here's my bucket that I lugged around the entire sale! You should have seen me lugging it to my car in the rain! $100 for the entire bucket full! It's a huge bucket!

Now here's the funniest purchase of the night! My friends and I were laughing hysterically at them, but I knew that Sara would LOVE them! I almost didn't buy them because I didn't want to contribute to the fashion faux pax that they are! haha!

The picture doesn't do them justice! They are Barbie overalls, hot pink with orange extensions that you can zip off I guess if you want to wear them as capris! They are hideous, but she'll love them. :)
And here is the highlight of the night...

You might recognize Michelle Duggar from 19 kids and counting! haha! She and her oldest daughters and her son and his wife and baby were at the sale. I felt like a stalker when I went up to her. :) She was incredibly nice. I just walked up to her and called her name and told her thanks for the laundry soap! (Most of my friends reading this know that I make my own laundry soap and got it from a friend who saw it on the Duggar's show!) Michelle grinned and laughed and said you're welcome. She was so gracious to take a picture. I know she has to get tired of strangers coming up to her like they know her!
And I know, it looks like we coordinated for the picture!

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