Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pictureless Post

I can always tell when life gets really busy, because I don't blog. I blog at night when the kids go to bed. On the nights that I'm too tired, I just don't have the brain power to think coherent thoughts! ha! And then I get so many days behind, I keep procrastinating because I have to search through to find pics to put on, and that stresses me. So, I'm releasing myself right now from not posting if I don't have pictures!

Things that have happened this week...

Turns out, Hope had e.coli, not salmonella. Joy. We have no idea how she got it, but it totally grosses me out! Thankfully, after that one 24 hour period, she started feeling much better.

Emma has cut 3 molars! She's been crankier lately, and had a week of diarrhea (sorry for the TMI!) ha!, and she's been chewing on her hands a lot. Took this brilliant Mom of 4 a week and a half to realize she was probably cutting molars. And took me until today to physically check them! Pitiful! :)

Hope and Emma started MDO yesterday. They had a blast! They love going to "school" like the big kids. Hope has the teachers that Sara had for the past 2 years. She's so excited to be in the "big kids" class. And Emma has the same teachers Hope had when she was 2. They are so excited to have her. I was so proud of both of them. Emma just walked right into class and waved bye at me. And Hope has a history of clinging to my leg and crying when I drop her off. We talked about how she was a big girl now, in the big kids class and she promised not to do that this year. And she didn't! She was shy just like she normally is in new situations, but she just smiled and sat at her table. She was all grins when I picked her up!

Luke and Sara are loving school. Sara has turned into the teacher's right hand man, just like I knew she was! haha! She is just suited for school. Luke is loving 3rd grade. I'm so proud of his school work! He checked out a 375 page book from the library yesterday (Percy Jackson) and by the time he went to bed last night, he was on page 108!!! He is an amazing reader!

We're gearing up for the weekend. Square dance time! We had our final practice tonight. The kids are so excited to ride in the parade and the girls can't wait to wear their outfits! It's gonna be a fun and busy weekend!

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  1. My son is like Luke (voracious reader!!!) and loved the Percy Jackson series. And my Sarah is like yours! School is her thing. Isn't is funny how different they each are?

    Sorry about e coli. YUCKKKKKKKKK! Scary too.

    Hooray for MDO (for mama!) and congrats on the potty training! (I'm commenting on a bunch of posts in this one comment).

    Enjoy your weekend! BTW, that celebrity pic made me laugh. Because I didn't know who in the world was in that pic with you until you mentioned her name! :)