Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Emma! (and Me!)

I hadn't planned on having a 4th child, but I couldn't share a birthday with a more precious girl than Emma Noelle! The Lord had great things in store for our family when he blessed us with this precious person.

She is a precocious, loving, funny, ball of fire! She has enriched our lives so much the past 2 years. She is becoming quite the little girl lately. She has such a sense of humor. If you ask her how old she is, she'll smile and say "five" and hold up five fingers. Then she'll laugh and when you ask her again she'll say "two" and attempt to hold up 2 fingers.

Her favorite "joke" to play is when I ask her for a kiss she'll say, "NO!" with a huge grin and then I'll act like I'm crying and she'll laugh and lean over and give me a big kiss. As soon as she leans back, she'll yell, "NO!" and want me to cry again!

We're celebrating her birthday with a family lunch Sunday. All our families and some close friends are coming over after church. Hopefully I'll have great party pics!

Me and my birthday buddy!

Lance took me out to dinner for my birthday tonight. We had such a good time. We love being able to talk and just "catch up" on our lives as husband and wife and not parents. He gave me my present at dinner; a Max Lucado devotion book and journal. We are going to try to get up 15 minutes before we have to get the kids up for school and have a short devotion together. I'm excited about it!

Then it was on to our favorite date night spot: Wal Mart!! ha! We always seem to end up there on date nights! Pretty pathetic. :)

After coffee and great conversation at Starbucks, we headed home. It's been a great birthday!

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