Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of School

How did this happen so quickly??? My second child, my first daughter, is now a kindergartner! Wow. This is a day that she has been looking forward to since last year. :) She has been so excited. The only time she ever said anything revealing nerves was a couple days ago, and all it was, was, "Momma, I'm a little nervous." Other than that, total excitement! Today wasn't nearly as emotional as Luke's first day of kindergarten. Maybe because she was so ready. Maybe because it wasn't the fear of the unknown for me. Maybe because she knows everyone up there. Maybe because I know everyone up there! :)

Whatever it was, it was a great day. She loved it. Luke loved it. He likes his teacher. She likes him. :) And the difference between my two kids just hits me at times. 3 years of picking Luke up from school and the answer every time to "How was school?": "fine." Today, I had a 25 minute conversation with Sara about her day and heard all the details! ha!

My 3rd grader!

All ready!

Here we go!
Sara and Mrs. Maute

Luke and Mrs. Newton

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