Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation 2010

We had one of the best vacations ever last week! Camping for EIGHT DAYS!!! Now I know that's not everyone's idea of a great vacation, and considering Lance's injury just days before, most thought we were crazy for still going, but it was sooooo worth it! We had a blast! There is too much to blog about in paragraph form, so I'm giving bullet points of each day and hopefully I'll remember the details for years to come!

Day 1
  • It rained that morning, so we went to town to get some more things we needed at WalMart. The kids loved being able to look in the toy aisles uninhibited!

  • We swam in the river for the first time that afternoon. Wonderful!

  • Emma found her footing and walked all over the river in her life jacket and LOVED it

  • Lance started making carving rock necklaces for us. We took a river rock and a piece of flint and drilled a hole manually and made necklaces out of them. He said, "the Faddises have gone tribal!" ha!

Lance and Luke making Luke's necklace

Day 2

  • After getting back from swimming, we had a snake in our campsite! Freaked me out!! We saw a lot of snakes this trip. **shiver**

  • Bless his heart, Luke got stung by a bee

  • We were in the river morning, then up for lunch, nap, and back to the river!

  • The kids had fun playing "boochie ball" (kinda like bochie ball)

  • The kids and I went on a bike ride. HOT!!!! I sweated so much!

  • We finished all the rock necklaces

Day 3

  • We found teeny tiney baby muscles in the river. The kept opening and closing in my hand. Very cool!

  • We went into town that afternoon and saw a movie (Despicable Me)

  • Then we went to the White River and ate at Gaston's and let the kids put their feet in the COLD river!

Day 4

  • A day that will live in history. Luke found the "girl of his dreams"

  • Our friends, the Wades, arrived to finish out the week with us

  • We went to the river after dinner and stayed till it got dark. Really cool to see all the bats flying around. We through rocks in the water to get them to swoop down.
Day 5

  • Luke had his first "date!" ha! Smores at his little friend, Hannah's, camper. :) Too cute!

  • Our other friends, the Maiers came to spend a couple nights.
Day 6
  • Sara learned to ride her bike without training wheels!!!!!

  • Hope got a new bike! Bless her heart, her inter tube in her front tire kept popping. We finally just went and bought a new bike. She grinned from ear to ear!

  • We spent the entire day on the river floating down from the bridge to our campsite with a stop for a picnic and hours of play at the spring. Favorite spot on earth!

  • Lance caught a bull frog tadpole that had gotten his legs. Cool!

  • We caught a really ugly fish in Haye's casting net and Lance brought it back to life after it had been out of the water too long! ha!

Hope LOVED her new bike!

So proud of my girl!!

Day 7
  • Lance, Luke and Hayes went fishing for a few hours. They had a lot of fun.

  • We went to a park sponsored movie about the history of the Buffalo River. The kids loved it. :)

  • We played board games all morning. Found a new favorite, Mancala!
Day 8
  • Packed up to come home. :(

  • One last dip in the river.
  • As we're hitching up to the camper, Emma falls off the picnic bench and we have to glue her forehead when we got home. :(

My little River Rat :)

A little piece of Heaven on earth

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