Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls and Boys Night Out

Luke has been wanting to spend some time with one of his friends from Cub Scouts. So we planned it with his mom and he came over this afternoon for Lance to take them out to the land and do "guy stuff." :) Lance called his cousin and his wife brought their son over to join them.

Let me just say, I have the best husband in the whole world! And he's the best Dad!! He went to WalMart this afternoon and bought all kinds of prizes. (pocket knives, flashlights, lures, camping utensils) and he set up mountain man competitions! Awesome Dad of the Year Award!

The boys all did an archery competition, bb gun target shoot, hatchet throwing, and fire starting. Isn't that awesome?!?! Luke won the fire starting! (which thrilled his Daddy!)

The boys had a BLAST! Who wouldn't?!?!

Luke started his fire all by himself! Survivor, here he comes!



When the girls found out that the boys were doing something fun, they begged me to take them to see "Tangled." We've been telling them that we would try to take them, but it just hasn't happened. We went and we had so much fun! Cute, cute movie! We took suckers in, bought a coke and some pop corn, and the girls kept talking all afternoon about "girls night out." :) Then we went to Burger King for dinner and they got to get kids meals. That's a special treat!
It has been a really great weekend of making memories for the Faddises this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a really fun time for the girls AND the boys! :)

    I LOVED Tangled. We took our youngest one weekend when our older kids were at a Younglife retreat. So good!