Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sara's 1st professional hair cut

I cut the entire family's hair. I started 10 years ago cutting Lance's. He needed a hair cut desperately one time and he couldn't get to the barber for a cut, so we went out on our patio with some scissors and clippers and I was going to shave up his neck and trim over his ears. Well, all of a sudden, I started clipping his hair! He looked at me with a funny look and asked me what I was doing. :) I told him I was diving in. The worst thing that could happen was he went and got it fixed! Well, it wasn't that bad and with a little practice, I've gotten pretty good! He hasn't paid for a hair cut in 1o years!

And I've always cut Luke's and the girls'. I can't imagine the amount of money we save each year on hair cuts! I'm the only one in the family who gets it cut professionally, and I only pay $20. (I'm pretty low maintenance) :)

Now to Sara. She's been trying to grow her hair out for Locks of Love. We thought when we started it, that she needed to get to 8 inches. But we found out that it's actually 10. That's a lot of hair. We've gotten it pretty long, but 10 inches would make it go above her shoulders. She didn't want that. So we talked to my hair dresser and she suggested we donate to Beautiful Links. They only require 8 inches. It's for adults and not just kids like Locks of Love.

So we both went to get a hair cut today! Her first professional hair cut. :) She LOVED it! She loves anything girly and getting her hair done was heaven for her.

So excited!

As soon as we got home, she ran to my bathroom and got a pony tail holder and put her hair up to see how short her pony tail would be! :) She can't wait to get to school tomorrow and show her friends. What a sweet, sweet girl.


  1. That is wonderful...so sweet!

    I'm so impressed that you cut everyone's hair! I wish I could, but I don't think that anyone in my family would let me anywhere near their hair with a pair of scissors! :)

  2. You are so brave. I can barely cut out coupons. (No lie. I flunked cutting in kindergarten. Of course I was trying to use right-handed scissors with my left hand, but still.)