Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Recap of the Week

Because of the turmoil of last week, there were several things I didn't get to blog about that I want to remember. So this post is a miscellaneous assortment of the past few days. :)

The girls came running to me on Thursday laughing and yelling that Emma was in the bathroom. This is never good! Either she is filling up her little potty with water and dumping it in the toilet, or washing her hands up to her elbows in water, or in this case powdering herself. She informed me, "I stink Momma!" Hence the need for powder! Ha!

I got all the girls this shirt, and Luke one that says, Sister for Sale. :)

Friday was awards ceremony day at Luke and Sara's school. I found out Thursday that Sara was getting an award. She got Star Student. I was so proud! It's an award given to students who are role models for their class. I knew she'd take to school like a fish to water. She was born for it!

Showing off her award. So proud of it!

Hope wanted a picture with Sara. Love how they love each other!

The kids were out of school today. More on that in a second. I told them that if they got their rooms picked up, we would watch a movie. Surprisingly, Luke was the first one done. :) He was running around the house with lots of extra energy and generally driving me nuts! ha! So I told him to get a book and read until the girls were done. It took them a while, so he had to wait longer than he wanted. He went and got his book and came back into the living room where I was folding clothes. I looked over and saw him and had to take a picture.

That's the Bible. :) When he decided about 3 weeks ago he was going to read through the Bible, he was serious! He's in Exodus now. Makes me so proud!

Now to why the kids are out of school. We are experiencing "Snowpocalypse" or "Snowmaggedon!" Haha! That's what it's been dubbed. We got about 8 inches of snow today. And some places in our area got nearly a foot! We were actually under a blizzard watch! In Arkansas! Seriously?!?! It's been crazy! So this morning, I set a bowl out and caught a bunch of snow and made snow ice cream for us this afternoon. Something the kids have never had. :)

It's so easy!

And it tastes soooo good!

We weren't going to get out in it today, because it's been so cold. About 18 with really strong winds. But as the wind died down this evening, we decided to get out because it's only going to be 11 tomorrow! And Luke has been DYING to build a snow fort. He's wanted to since last year. The big snow we got last year happened when Lance was in Haiti and I couldn't get all four of them out in the snow by myself. Emma was only 1! So he got his wish today. :)

Luke and Sara making snow balls

Hope LOVED the snow this year! (she's HATED it the past 3 years!)

Emma asked all day, "Can we go outside and play in the no???" :)

Lance bringing out the big guns to build the snow fort!

The finished product! Just in time for it to get dark. :(
Obviously, we're out of school tomorrow. And I'm betting we'll be out Thursday as well. So hopefully it will be a little warmer Thursday and we can get out and play in the snow fort some more!

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  1. That powder picture is SOOO similar to a picture that my mom took of me when I was about that same age...covered from head to toe in powder, and with a pretty distressed look on my face because I was afraid that I was about to get in trouble! (I'm not sure, but I think that I probably got away with it since mom got out the camera!) I wish that I could find it and show it to you. You would be amazed at how similar they are. :)

    So precious that Luke is reading through the Bible!

    BTW: I am a loyal fan of the washing detergent recipe that I got from you! I have made several batches of it now. I love how cheap it is, but the biggest perk is not having to run out to buy detergent constantly! I LOVE having such a huge (and cheap!) supply, and I have not noticed one bit of a difference in how clean my clothes get, so I'm sold! I even had Christian help me make it the last time. He thought that it was pretty cool when we opened the tub the next day, and it had thickened. :)