Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long Week

I haven't had the time or energy to blog this week. I was going to blog Wed about the kids going to the dentist. I took some pictures of them all. I was so proud. Hope got her first xrays and she was grinning ear to ear and said, "The dentist is so much fun!" And Emma just layed there with her mouth open like a princess. I was so proud of them all. Then when I was checking out I got a call from Lance with some serious news. A friend of Luke's from Cub Scouts had been in a serious accident.

I couldn't ask Lance any questions because I was trying to pay my bill, so I drove straight to his office when we were done to get some details. He didn't know much except it sounded very serious. I left his office, drove home and hadn't been there 10 minutes when I got another call from Lance with devastating news. Jonathan had died.

A precious, sweet, active, 9 year old boy lost his life at recess at school. How do you wrap your mind around that??? I had told Luke that Jonathan had been hurt, and when I had to tell him that he had died, he was in disbelief. Then angry. Bless his heart. How do I explain something like this to my son when I don't even understand the why?

Lance and I went to the hospital to be with his family. My heart grieves for them. How do you process sending you son to school never to see him again? It has really hit our community hard. His memorial service was yesterday. About 900 people attended. It was such a sweet service remembering this sweet young boy.

He loved Scouts and I have to say that yesterday made me proud to be a scout wife/mom. There were so many scouts from 3-4 different packs/troops there in uniform honoring one of their own. I know it meant so much to the family.

It's been so hard to see my son come to grips with his own humanity. And see the cruel fact that life can be so short. We want the answers. Why?? The only thing I can rest in is that God is still on his throne and it broke His heart too. And that He loves us despite the sadness of this fallen world. And that He has purpose that we might never understand. But I can trust His heart and His love for us.

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  1. What a sad story. I know it must be so hard for everyone to deal with. The pastor's wife at a church we used to attend wrote a book called Mommy Please Don't Cry. It is actually inspired from a miscarriage that she experienced, and wrote this book as a comfort to herself and other moms who have lost children. It is written like a children's book, from a child's perspective. It encourages the mother that the child is living in peace with Jesus in heaven. Anyway, just thought I would mention it to you in case you think it would be comforting to the little boy's mom (or even to your own kids). The author's name is Linda DeYmaz. The book is on Amazon, and at Christian book stores I think.