Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not Ready!

I'm soooo not ready for Christmas break to be over. We have had the BEST break! I am really enjoying the kids all being home, the relaxed mornings, the lack of stress about bedtime, doing something fun almost everyday. And tomorrow is our last day of break. :( This has been the best Christmas season. The kids have been so good the past couple of weeks. And I think it might have had something to do with me just having the attitude of not stressing. I haven't stressed about the house, the chores, all the running around for all the family Christmases. It amazes me how much my attitude affects my family. So convicting.

And now, unfortunately, we are heading back to the routine. I'm striving to keep the same attitude. I have realized, but not necessarily taken to heart, that my stress level is directly related to my worry about what other people think. Whether it is family, friends, or total strangers.

I am not one to make New Year resolutions. I'm not a very introspective person to begin with so it makes it hard. I definitely have goals for my family and my life, but I don't feel the need to make a promise at the first of the year, that more than likely I will fail at. But! I am starting a new Bible Study at church next week in which we are reading through the Bible in a year. I am excited about it! And, I am really striving now to just not care. About what people think. I want to place my family first. And that might mean a messy house. Or being late to some things. Or just not going to some things. But, when I'm not stressed, we have a much happier family.

So. There it is. My "resolution" for the new year. And I'm going to be tested on it in 2 days. We go back to life as usual. We'll see how I do!

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