Monday, January 17, 2011

Growing Up!

Nooooo! Don't grow up yet!

Sara lost her first tooth today. :( She was sooooo excited! We just discovered it was loose a few days ago. Today at lunch I asked her to let me check it and it was VERY loose! So when we got home, we pulled it. She was soooo scared! Ha! Bless her heart. She came to me asking to have it pulled, but when it came down to it, she started crying. :) Lance and I kept telling her we didn't have to do it. I told her she was stressing herself out and just not worry about it. We'd tell her to go on and play and she'd tear up again saying she wanted it pulled.

Finally Lance got a hold of it and gave a good tug. Pop! She was so happy! She couldn't wait until she went to bed. All she could talk about was getting dollar bills from the tooth fairy! She's been asking me for a couple weeks for a dollar bill. It's been so cute. She's starting to know the difference between coins and paper money. Just another sign of her growing up. :( Hope and Emma still are content with coins.

The tooth pulling has topped off a great long weekend. We had a relaxing Saturday around town. Then after church Sunday, we took the kids to Tulsa. We went to a western store we love there, then went to the hotel to let the kids swim. I was so disappointed in that. The hotel has an indoor pool, but it wasn't heated! Seriously?!?! We spend more time in the hot tub than pool! Luke was the only one who swam a lot in the pool. Sara jumped in several times and swam quickly to the steps and out! ha! Hope and Emma splashed some on the steps and Lance and I barely put our toes in!

After we cleaned up from the pool, we went to Casa Bonita to eat. We LOVE Casa Bonita! It's kinda a Faddis Family tradition to eat there when we go to Tulsa. Then today, we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium again. :) Lance hadn't been yet. We bought our family season passes today! We loved it just as much as a few weeks ago! We are really going to enjoy going this year!

We got home, had dinner with my parents and brother and sis-in-law and then came home and had the kids in bed by 7:30! Without a peep from anyone! Great weekend and wonderful memories made!


  1. Pulling teeth gives me the shivers! The "pop" the ever hanging "thread". Eee!
    Would it be wrong to have our pediatrician make house calls to pull loose teeth?!?

  2. So cute with that missing tooth! I think that I have only pulled one of my kids teeth...they have pulled all of the others themselves! :)