Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Kids Keep Me Laughing!

In our women's Bible study of the next year we are reading through the chronological Bible. We started Jan 1 and we'll be finished Dec 31. I'm really excited. Plus, our pastor challenged our entire church to read through the Bible this year. I've tried to read through the Bible several times in my life, but have never made it through. Lance is doing it with me, so that is making it easier. The accountability helps!

Last week on our way to church, Luke had his Bible in his lap and anounced to from the back of the car that he was going to read through the entire Bible. :) Totally on his own. Without knowing that Lance and I were doing it. So he started reading at Genesis 1:1. And everytime we're in the car driving to church, he reads his Bible.

Well, this morning as we're driving to church, Luke calls out from the back of the car, "Momma, what does c i r c u m c i s i o n spell?" Lance and I just looked at each other. Lance: "What buddy?" Luke: "What does c i r c u m c i s i o n spell?" Lance: "Circumcision" Luke: "What's that?" Lance and I start laughing to each other. Lance: "Well..." He then tells Luke about the piece of skin that covers the penis. And what circumcision is. And as he's saying the word, penis, Emma yells out, "Penis!" Hahaha! After he told Luke what it was, Luke's first words?? "Does it hurt???" Hysterical!

Then, on the way home from church, he started reading his Bible again. And from the backseat we hear, "Dad, do you remember how Lot's daughters' got their babies??" I just about died! Lance and I had just read that passage last night. I had no idea what to say! Lance and I just looked at each other and laughed. Lance said, "Yeah buddy." Luke replied, "That's just wrong!" hahaha! So the Bible is giving my son quite the education! What am I going to do when he starts reading Song of Soloman?!?!

Then on the way home tonight, Emma and Hope cracked me up! Sara had asked Luke to open a pack of crackers for her. When he did, he ate the top part of one of the crackers that had broken. Sara started whining about it and tattled on him. I told her it was no big deal and Emma pipes up: "Lukie, don't eat my sister's crackers!" LOL!!! We all started laughing! Then Hope says, "That was so hysterical!" haha! Love my kids!!!

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