Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remembering Haiti

One year ago today, an earthquake changed Haiti and my family forever. I've spent the whole day wishing I was there today. To mourn with my friends, to celebrate with them, to pray with them. I've been distracted all day. Part of my heart is in Haiti. It always will be. And I know that I have a son there. And he's not here. That is hard. I've wondered all day what I would blog about on this day. A day of remembrance.

There are so many directions I could go. How proud I am of my husband for answering God's call to go to Haiti 9 days after the quake. How blessed I am to have gone back twice with him this year. How amazing it has been to see our friends and family rally behind our mission there financially and in prayer. My children's heart for a brother they haven't seen and don't know. So many things.

But I thought I would post pictures of my friends in Haiti that are making a difference for The Kingdom. My Haitian family. These people are sold out to God and to making Him known to Haiti. I am proud and blessed to have worked with them and to know them. They are truly inspirational.

This is Jacques. When Craig Miller, the director of Thirst No More, showed up in Haiti 2 days after the earthquake, Jacques is one of the first people he met. Jacques was a teacher. His school was destroyed. He walked up to Craig and said, "How can I help?" He worked for no pay. His English was good so he began as Thirst No More's first translator. Now, one year later, he in in charge of the brick construction. He is an amazing young man who loves Jesus. I am proud to call him my brother in Christ.

This is Jay Louis. He has also been a translator. Jay is has a smile that lights up! And he is so amazing with kids. One of my favorite memories of him is from my first trip to Haiti. We went to a horrible orphanage. Words cannot describe. Jay immediately went to one of the babies and held her the entire time we were there. And this last trip, he help us take pictures of all the orphans by tickling them and getting them to laugh. He is such a fun guy.

This is Ben. I met him on this latest trip. He has just recently been working with Thirst No More. He graduated from high school last year. His desire is to go on to college. I pray that he is able to. You can see his desire to learn. He is new to translating and he wanted to know exactly how to say things. Such a sweet guy.

This is Gelin. I met Gelin on our first trip. He is in charge of the translators. He is such a soft spoken, sweet man who knows how to laugh! Gelin carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. His mother and wife are both ill. He juggles caring for them, organizing the translators, and helping out the Thirst No More staff. And does it all without complaining. He is a rock. But I know it wears on him. I was able to chat with him on Facebook tonight and asked him how we could pray for him. He responded, "my soul, my future, my family and my country." He is such a special man.

This is Jean Phillipe. We met Jean Phillipe on our trip in May. Jean Phillipe wants to be a nurse. He was working as my translator while I triaged patients for clinic. Lance's translator had to do something, so Jean Phillipe jumped in to help Lance. He was in heaven. He was on the edge of his seat. You could see him soaking in all the information. And he catches things that I wrote down wrong or when Lance struggled for a word, Jean Phillipe knew what is was. Jean Phillipe loves his country. And he has a strong commitment to God and His words. Our prayer is that he is able to attend nursing school and be able to give back to his country like he wants to.
This is Dario. We called him the Haitian P. Diddy! Ha! We met Dario this last trip. The man has NO accent! I kept accusing him of being from the States! I seriously thought the guys were all pulling a joke on me. I couldn't believe he was Haitian! I had the best time getting to know Dario. We were able to talk about God's plan and how He is in control even in the chaos and unknown. Dario is very encouraged by all of the teams that minister in Haiti. He sees the love we have for him and his country and he is so grateful. I can't imagine how his faith has been tested in ways I won't ever understand. Yet it stays strong.

This is Sam. Sam worked with us on our trip in May and then again this last trip. We were only able to work with him one day this time and when we picked him up, he was wearing his Razorback shirt! Love it! Also, in this picture he is showing you his bracelet. We gave it to him back in May. He was wearing it this time too! Six months later! It has symbols on it that take you through Christ's sacrifice for us. And he can tell you exactly what they mean. I love that he still has it and uses it to tell people about Jesus.

This is John and Bailey Cordero. They are a young, newly married couple who moved to Haiti in November to work with Thirst No More full time. John is in charge of the construction initiative and Bailey coordinates teams from the US. I am so impressed with them. And jealous of them. If Lance and I were at their stage of life, we would be them! They are living in Haiti, on support and have no plans on leaving. Love them!
And finally. Erin Murphy. I love this girl! Lance met Erin on his first trip. She knows Craig. She is also a trained photographer. Craig asked her to come down and photo-document the relief efforts and the team while they were there. She came immediately. She went back to the States, quit her job, raised support and moved to Haiti. No hesitation. Just answered God's call. She is the nation coordinator for Thirst No More in Haiti. When we went in May, I just fell in love with her! She has become like a little sister to Lance and I. She is an amazing woman. She has a heart for the Lord and for His people. She is such and encouragement to us and helps us to stay connected to Haiti in a way that makes us feel like we haven't left. And the coolest thing about her! She met her fiance in Haiti! Isn't God cool?! Erin is single and didn't care about moving to a third world country where there is no prospect of men. Yet, God had His best for her in that country! Paul's parents are career missionaries in Haiti. He was born and raised there. So amazing to see someone follow God in faith and then see that He had the best plan for her! Why is it so hard for us to see that?!?!
So there you go. The future of Haiti. The people who love the country and it's people. Who have devoted their lives to making a difference. I am inspired by them all and honored to call them my Haitian Family.


  1. Beautiful people with beautiful stories. It's hard to understand why God pulls us into something that we are only able to go "ankle deep" while others are given the go ahead to dive in. Our desires can be so strong especially when we are passionate people that are passionate about the cause. Never underestimate the power that happens in our lives as well as others when we are only "ankle deep". One day God will call you to dive and you will be able to make that jump because you are familiar with the voice that calls you to do so. True obedience is never wasted. It teaches us to trust and to have the courage to do and be all that God has called us to be at just the right time. Remember when you had to think for even a second about Lance leaving on his first trip? Would you even pause today if the voice of God said go? He equips us so that we can hear clearly His voice so that we will respond when the time is urgent and critical. Thanking God for allowing your family to be part of the Kingdom work that is happening in the lives and country of Haiti. May his peace and comfort be with you as you are away from those you have grown to love.

  2. Wow! What a great post. I believe you love and care for these people as your own. What a blessing to know we have advocates in the states. That is sooo important! Thank you for coming and I hope to see you again soon!