Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Snow Days! Arghhh!

So we're out of school again tomorrow. Ahhhh! We'll be in school til July at this rate! And they're calling for more snow Monday. 1 or so inches. I'm soooo praying it doesn't happen.

Today was warm enough for the kids and I to go outside for a while. Lance had to go back to work today. Bummer. But we were out for a couple hours. They had sooo much fun. Poppa and Mom came over to play and then Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Leah came over. And two sets of neighbors came out and played, so there were lots of snowball fights and sled rides! Here's some of our fun in the snow...
The finished snow fort. (Daddy did a GREAT job!)

Throwing snow balls at Momma!

Our poor, pititful snowman. The snow just wasn't sticky. :(

Having fun in the snow.

Exhausted from playing in the snow!

Poppa and Jack. :)

Sled rides


  1. I'm your newest follower on your blog! I really LOVE the monkeys decorating it. I had a monkey I carried around all throughout my childhool. ;0) Come and visit my blog when you get a chance at

  2. I hope you retaliated and threw snowballs at the kids!