Saturday, March 10, 2012

Farm Living is the Life for Me!

It used to be that when I wrote a post about being out at the farm, it was a special reason or just occasionally. Now that the kids are older and can really play by themselves and help out, it's becoming at least a weekly event. Which I love! I cannot WAIT until we can sell our house and start building out there!

We are trying our hand at a garden this year. Lance has more hopes for it than I do. Ha! I'm worried about animals getting into it. But we're giving it a shot. I think it will be okay, and I hope we get a lot of veggies! We haven't had a garden since we lived in Little Rock. I'm excited about it. And the kids are pumped! We are letting them each have a section of garden to plant whatever they choose.

The big girls and I had soccer evals this morning. I'm actually coaching Hope's team. That's a whole other post. Ha! I don't know a thing about soccer. But there's a lack of coaches and I'm going to help out. Wish me luck!

Emma had a birthday party to go to and Lance and Luke got started on the garden while we were at evals. Lance sent me this picture when it was just he and Luke at the farm...

Look at his face! Such determination!
I loved this! Luke was helping Lance put a different implement on the tractor. He got to drive the tractor all by himself. He felt like big stuff! :) He did a great job. I actually rode with him when we were done at the farm while he drove the tractor into the barn. I was impressed!

Here's Lance working on the garden...

We're using logs to make a raised bed. Two 4x12 sections with a walkway in between. I love how it's turning out. I love how rustic it looks. :)

Finished on the left side, walkway and not finished on the right. :)
When we put one of the logs in place, some of the bark fell off and we found a ton of grubs! The kids had a blast feeding them to the chickens. It was hilarious!

We plan on finishing filling the other side up with dirt tomorrow. And then we'll be planting our crop!

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