Monday, March 5, 2012

Proud Momma

A couple years ago, our school district started a cool thing called "One school, One book." All of the elementary schools in the district read the same book and talk about it in their classes.  The first year is was "Trumpet of the Swan," last year it was "Doll People," and this year it is "The 68 Rooms."
Sara and Luke have loved the book. They both have read it way before the scheduled completion of the book. Which for Luke isn't a big deal at all, but I'm pretty dang proud of my 1st grader! Way to go Sara!

Today they had a special treat. The author of the book came to their school and talked to every class in school. They also had the opportunity to buy the hardback sequel to the book and have the author sign it.

I had totally forgotten about it until this morning. Luke always gets himself ready in the morning. Dressed, teeth brushed, deoderant, and now recently, brushing his hair. Which has been such a time saver for me on school mornings. :)

Today, I was in the kitchen getting breakfast for everyone and Luke came in with a brush in his hand and said, "Momma, Marianne Malone is going to be at school today, you should brush my hair." :) Soooo sweet. He was so excited about meeting her and wanted to look his best! I'll always remember that sweetness.

And another proud momma moment happend later. I forgot to send $ with him to school to buy the sequel to the book. I got a call from the school about 8:45 and it was him. He was freaking out because he was in the library ready to meet her and didn't have $ to buy it. :) I talked with our librarian and told her I'd be up in a little while with $ so she let him get a book and have it signed.

When I got there with the $ I got to meet the author. When she realized that I was Luke's mom, she complimented me on what a "charming" boy he was. She was impressed with his manners and the way he spoke. That made my day. :) I see how sweet and sincere he is, but for a total stranger to see that in him was a good encouragement.

We had a nice conversation about both Luke and Sara and how well they read and different reading programs literaly around the world. I really liked her. I told her about the hair brush this morning and I think we both left the conversation a little encrouraged. :)

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