Saturday, April 9, 2011

Goal!!! (and a tractor ride)

Today was the start of Upward Soccer.  I forgot to take my camera (bummer, but there are 7 more games) so I didn't get any pics.  Frustrating, but I can get some more later.  But we were soooo proud of Luke and Sara.  Sara hustled after the ball and tried hard to kick it.  Lance summed her playing up well.  She misses opportunities to kick the ball, because every kick has to be perfect.  She wants time to line herself up and kick it.  But by the time she tries to do that, other girls have already kicked it. :)  She did get some good kicks and got the "effort" star after the game.  The hand out different star stickers to the players after the game to honor them in a special way. Things like Christlikeness, offense, defense, hustle.

And Luke did great!  He has really grown since last year.  He was playing goalie when the ball was kicked right to him.  He ran to it, kicked it hard and made it to our goal!!  From the other end of the field!  He was so excited!  The bummer part was that it didn't count. :( He was a defensive player and only offensive players can score.  But everyone high fived him, and yelled for him. 

And later in the game he kicked was goalie again and set up one of his teammates for a goal.  It was a lot of fun watching their games.  The only negative was the horrible sunburn I got! All the kids have pink cheeks and my chest is fried!  We've had such cold weather and all of a sudden it's hot, we totally forgot to apply sunscreen until it was too late. Ouch!

And finally. :)

Lance got a new toy this week!  He's been wanting a tractor for years.  It's just not something that we've been able to do until now.  He's been looking for a few months, and this past week a friend who sells used farm equipment called him with one and it was a great deal!

So we are looking forward to getting a lot of work done on the farm and I am so happy that Lance will be able to get a lot of things done by himself that he's not been able to do.

Plus, it's just plain ole fun! :)

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