Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything

So Easter was this past weekend.  Our services at church were amazing! But the Easter celebrations as far as eggs go, was a bust! Our church had planned and "Easter Egg Drop." 30,000 eggs!!! And about 15,000 of those were going to be dropped out of a helicopter! But, we have had record rainfall this past week and it rained out the event.  And the rain didn't stop and we had an indoor Easter egg hunt at Lance's parents. (which the kids loved and had a blast!)

We didn't even get an Easter picture as a family.  :(  I'm just going to do it later when it quits raining.  It'll be a staged Easter pic! :)

Now, for the rain...It has been an event!  It's actually been very tragic.  Several people have died in the flooding and different parts of the state have had horrible tornadoes and more people have died because of them. 

We lost a fence on our property.  Here are some pics Lance took on his phone last night.

We've been blessed that that is all the damage we've had.  So many people have had it so much worse.

Hope, Emma, and I went to Tractor Supply Co. today to get a roll of barbed wire for Lance so he could fix the fence.  I left with more than barbed wire...

Yes, those are chicks.  And yes, we bought some.  :)  We have lost our minds!  By the time I got home with the chicks and barbed wire, Lance had found 5 different people on Craigslist that make chicken coops and an hour after I got home, we had ordered a custom built one!  Ha!  The kids are so excited.  (and I have to admit that Momma and Daddy are too!)

This is going to be the kids endeavor.  They are going to be responsible for taking care of the chickens.  Cleaning out the coop, feeding and watering them, gathering eggs (all with a little help of course).  We think it will be a great learning experience for them and teach them some responsibility and entrepreneurship.  We already have 5 customers for eggs!  Ha! The kids are going to donate 10% of their eggs to a ministry we know of then they get to split the profits from the rest.  They are sooooo excited!

Here's the newest additions to the family in our garage! (for now)

Aren't they adorable?!?!

Dinner Time!

So in few months, we will have farm fresh eggs! (that is if something doesn't eat the chicks first! ha!)


  1. Awesome! I raised chicks until I was 5 and moved to Rogers. I think this is going to be such a great learning experience for them. What fun!

  2. We had chickens when I was growing up, as well as rabbits, a duck, and a pony in the backyard. Dad even kept bees for a while, I did not like those.