Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Once again, a busy weekend in the Faddis House.  :) Friday night we were up late making Luke and Lance's pine wood derby cars.  My daddy help Lance cut out the cars, and then Lance weighted them and Luke painted his and put the decorations on it.  It was long night, but well worth it! Luke's car looked AWESOME! Lance competed in the "outlaw" category. Ha! That was created to give all the dad's a chance to make their own cars so that the boys would be able to make their cars by themselves as much as possible.

Then Saturday arrived.  Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it again! Ha! The pine wood derby was at 9 and Sara's soccer game was at 9:30.  Thank goodness my parents live here! Mom took Sara to her game.  And bless her heart for it!  It was 39 degrees and windy!  I took Hope and Emma to the pine wood derby. 

Lance's car is the Superman one! :)

Luke's car is the Batmobile! 3rd from the right on the front row. Awesome isn't it?!?!
After all was said and done, Luke place 1st in his age division & 6th overall.  And Lance came in 2nd in the outlaw division. Haha!  I was proud of my boys. 

Lance manning the start

The Batmobile

Luke and the 2nd place winner

Lance and the 1st place winner in Outlaw!
The proud Scout

After the pine wood derby was over, I grabbed Luke and rushed to his soccer game.  Mom had called me during Sara's game to tell me that she scored a goal! (sad Momma because I missed it!) And during Luke's game, he scored 2 goals! I was so proud of my kids!

Then we spent the afternoon working at the farm (Lance and the big kids), picking up the house and napping (Emma and me), and cleaning up the back yard (the whole family).

That evening, Mom and Dad came over for dinner and then Lance's parents came up for dessert and to bring the kids their Easter gifts.

And today was just as busy! Skype call this morning before church with our close friends in Kenya, church, lunch, naps, children's choir and church tonight.

And tonight was a BLESSING! Our church hosted the Mwangaza African Children's choir.  So awesome! The kids (and I) LOVED it!  Lance wasn't able to come because he had a lot of work to catch up on.  After it was over, we were able to meet some of the children. 

This sweet 10 y/o is Sara! Pronounced just like my Sara.  We're finding little Saras all over the world!
 And for the first time, our family is sponsoring a child.  It's something Lance and I have thought about at different times in our marriage.  But we just haven't done it.  But tonight was the night. Our kids are old enough to understand what we are doing, they were able to see and meet some kids from the organization that we are sponsoring through, and we are expanding our childrens' worldview to now include Uganda.  (adding to Haiti, Kenya, Dubai, and China)

It's been a busy, but wonderful weekend!

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