Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Spring Break overall was fun this year.  We only had 3 really good days of weather, but we made the most of those 3 days! Lance and the kids and I took a hike on Tues when it was 70!  It was the nicest day (weather wise) that we had.  We hiked down to the creek and Lance let the kids take off their shoes and socks and wade around in the water.  They thought it was awesome!

Hope slipped in once and was wet all up one side.  She looked up at me scared she was going to get in trouble and I said it was ok, that it was an accident.  You would have though I told her she was getting ice cream every day the rest of her life!  :) She smiled and said, "This is the best day ever!"

My Crew
A Daddy and his girls

Lance and Luke (aka: Lewis and Clark!)

 That afternoon, my parents came down to spend the night with us.  The kids were so excited.  We played games, tried to fly a kite, cooked Hobo's, and rode bikes.  Then on Wednesday, we all went for a hike.  5 MILES!  Wow!  And the kids did great!  (not to mention the grandparents! :) ) Emma made it almost the whole way on her own.  My Dad and Lance carried her the last mile, but she was a trooper!

When we got back to camp, my parents stayed a little while longer, then headed back.  That evening, Lance's parents came to have dinner with us.  We waited for them to come before we broke out the campfire popcorn maker!  They got it for us for Christmas and it is AWESOME! You fill the popper with butter or oil and popcorn.  It has a long handle on it, so you just hold it over the fire and shake it back and forth.  3 minutes later you have popcorn!  We all loved it!

On Friday, we made a trip to A to Z.  We did it last year, too.  Great way to fill a rainy or cold day.  It's an adventure in itself.  It was pretty cold and overcast and threatening rain, so we stayed for about 3 hours then headed back to the campsite.  On the way, my sis-in-law texted and said that she and my brother were coming down to stay with us!  In a tent!  Troopers! :)

So we fixed stew and cornbread and popped popcorn again and roasted marshmallows.  I bought campfire marshmallows at WalMart.  I'd been wanting to try them, but just hadn't.  They are about 3 times the size of a normal marshmallow.  Very cool!

Saturday, it was yucky rainy and cold.  Leah and Jeremy wanted to go to A to Z, so we went back with them!  Ha!  I think I've had my fill of A to Z for a few months.  :)

Our last morning at Devil's Den, Lance got up early to go take some pictures.  This is one of my favorites.  He is really good at landscape pics.  :)

The spill way at Devil's Den

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