Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buffalo Vacation 2011

We had the best camping trip last week! It has been sooo hot this summer with a record breaking heat wave.  We were really worried that we would be miserable camping for 9 days, but it turned out great.  The Lord really blessed us.  The first few days were hot, but we escaped to the river to cool down.  By Tues, it cooled off and we had the best weather the rest of the week.  It was amazing!  We even got cold once when we were in the river. Our good friends the Wades and Maiers joined us on Tues and Wed and we all had so much fun the rest of the week.

Home Sweet Home
Here are the highlights...
  • Emma floating on her back in the river
  • Hope riding her bike with no training wheels
  • Catching tadpoles in the river for HOURS!
  • Sara and Luke digging a hole in the river bottom
  • Heading to the shower house and Emma trying to claw her way back into the camper when she saw the raccoons. And Hope and Sara screaming like someone was being murdered! ha!
  • They came every night!
  • The kids jogging with me and Hope hanging in until the end
  • Luke realizing there is no Santa :(
  • Sara breaking her collar bone :(
  • The raccoons coming into camp while we were eating
  • Luke navigating the rapids
  • The swimming hole in Cotter
  • Playing kickball as a family
  • The rain storms
  • The blow guns Lance made out of bamboo
  • Luke's doing ninja training with all the other kids
  • Lance's "hot tub" and rapids chute
  • Diving for shells
  • The Great Raccoon Hunt of 2011
  • The Raccoon trap
    The hunters! Ha! (and they were air soft guns. no animal harmed!)
    Our best Charlie's Angels pose
    Realy roughing it with their recliners!
  • Raccoons eating all of the Maier's food
  • Storm forcing us to eat in the camper. 14 people!
  • Sara diving for shells and then throwing them back in the water for Hope so she could find some :)
  • Emma looking at me and saying "Momma, this is a great picnic" while we were eating down at the river
  • Luke and Lance working on Luke's Weblos badges
  • Hope getting her first loose tooth
  • Hope's excitement when she caught a tadpole and dove for shells

    digging for treasure
  • Father/Son baseball
    Couldn't find Emma. Looked in the camper and there she was!
    Playing in the sand
    Having fun!
    The easy life!
    Love Dixon!
    The whole crew!
    Crazy faces!
    All the kids
    And the parents
    The Moms
    LOVE this! ha!
    Poor baby. It's been a long week.

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